Consistent crash before next cycle

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I've been having repeated crashes over and over again before the next cycle. It has happened consistently no matter how many times I've reloaded the saved file. I think the error is isolated in this saved file though since I do not encounter the crashes in my older files (of a different world). Loading back up to 3 cycles prior also results in a crash eventually so there may be something with this world. 

I'm hoping this saved file can be fixed so I can continue this world. I could start a new one entirely but I've spent some time hearing every hatch in the initial biome to one spot to make a coal factory lol. 

Corruption .sav

Steps to Reproduce
Just play through the attached saved file. The crash happens consistently for me before reaching the next cycle

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Can you crash the game and then upload the log? Cuz the log you attached didn't show a crash. Also can you clarify what is a crash? Like does it just close and you're back on the desktop? Or did something else happened?

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Its the "A black hole ate my game" crash. Re-uploaded a new log together with the screenshot. Couldn't pinpoint whats causing the crash.

Edit: Have you checked the save file I attached in the initial post?



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