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  1. Game crashes a few minutes after a cycle start also, I cant seem to find the output_log.txt in \OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\ so I cant post the log crashes.sav
  2. Space Industry preview SU-289453 Game crash

    via debug mode or sandbox? I am still a bit unsure how objects load once they're revealed via debug mode but I prefer not to load things that I haven't entered yet
  3. Vole egg laying related crash

    I'd say same bug. Its actually a game stopper. I rather not go into debug mode and delete the thing cause I dont want to have the world tainted by cheats xD
  4. Space Industry preview SU-289453 Game crash

    oh crap 0_o...so thats why the crash is consistent on that cycle
  5. Space Industry preview SU-289453 Game crash

    Just another sample for testing. I back tracked a few cycles. I was able to pass one cycle from the original crash but I encounter the same crash after the next cycle. crashes again.sav
  6. Game crashes just before the next day starts (wait a few seconds), Is it possible for you guys to tell me what causes it so I could at least make adjustments so I can continue my game? crash.sav
  7. Sweepers stopped working after patch 260388

    confirming the same problem
  8. Consistent crash before next cycle

    Its the "A black hole ate my game" crash. Re-uploaded a new log together with the screenshot. Couldn't pinpoint whats causing the crash. Edit: Have you checked the save file I attached in the initial post? output_log.txt
  9. I've been having repeated crashes over and over again before the next cycle. It has happened consistently no matter how many times I've reloaded the saved file. I think the error is isolated in this saved file though since I do not encounter the crashes in my older files (of a different world). Loading back up to 3 cycles prior also results in a crash eventually so there may be something with this world. I'm hoping this saved file can be fixed so I can continue this world. I could start a new one entirely but I've spent some time hearing every hatch in the initial biome to one spot to make a coal factory lol. Corruption .sav