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Color accessibility in germ overlay

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

With my colorblindness, I have always found it impossible to tell the difference between food poison and slimelung (and the new diseases look like they will be impossible for me to tell apart as well). There are multiple parts to the rendering that make it difficult. First, the color selections for food poison and slimelung look the same to each other; the colors for spores and floral scent look the same to each other too. Second, because the pattern/texture are just little dots that have varying opacity, this makes the already indistinguishable colors even harder to differentiate.

Some possible resolutions:

  • Pick very different colors for each disease. Since there are only four diseases currently, it should be possible to select colors that can accommodate most different types of color blindness.
  • Use distinct textures/patterns/icons for each disease.
  • Avoid using so much opacity. Reducing the amount of color information that can get to my retinas makes it generally harder to determine colors.

As a reference, the materials overlay is much less problematic for me. Most of the colors for the common elements are distinct enough, there is more color information per cell, and for cells with solids, the texture can be seen through the color.

Steps to Reproduce
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I thought about writing a bigger ticket that included many more color issues, but I stuck with just this one overlay since it's the hardest for me to use. I could start a post on the forums if Klei/others are interested in that discussion.

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