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  1. You can use a Automatic Dispenser too, or a sweep arm + conveyor load + Conveyor Chute...
  2. More extreme Asteroids

    Rime isn’t that hard quem you use the space heater! I like it because i can have lights everywere...
  3. RIP Jobs Board

    They should leave the jobs board only for the dupes to "punch a time card" when the work shift begins...
  4. You really don't have this option in the hot maps... you rely on mushbars a lot of cycles until you have a cold spot to plant mealwood... The cold map too, but you can have a farm with the space heat+the celling light soon
  5. glass or metal tile with a radiant pipe in the middle, hot petroleum to cook algae to dirt, cold petroleum to give a better temp to the plant
  6. good update, now it is time to begin to offend each other for divergent opinions in the comments!
  7. yes, but is a high morale and need another plant like barbacue... this! and normal meat too... steak:meat+salt fried fish:pacu fillet+salt
  8. I think will vê great if we have a eletric grill meat/fish recipe, maybe steak for meat+salt...
  9. Anybody discovery if a insulate tile give more xp then a normal one?
  10. I have the same issue!! the liquid chlorine is the same then the polluted water to me too
  11. The fun returns.

    I have to stop the game a moment and remember how to make mush bars in arido! i start a ice asteroid game and is a little easy then the arido, but the beginning is hard too!
  12. Brothgar test this, the seeds only don't plant naturally in neutronium, obsidian, diamond, wolframite and abyssalite. I do not know if there is a difference between where the pips can plant and what is planted naturally
  13. All the Oni machines are "magic"!! Aquatuners just transfer heat in a 100% efficiency, ice makers use Eletricity to deleat heat... The steam turbine is the best option right now to deal with the heat, but need some mid game things(steal) in the early game the best option is to make the heat go out your base, you can use a cooling loop to a ice biome, a ice fan to melt the ice, or a thermo regulator in a pool of water(just use mesh tiles and put the thermo in the upper tile of water)
  14. Is lettuce OP?

    Small “u” pockets to the dupes jump over Maybe works too...
  15. Is lettuce OP?

    Yes, i think they will put something to balance, it’s the only food that not need fertilizer