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  1. Hey @Ipsquiggle any idea when you will fix the abyssalyte bug by exchanging heat with liquids, if its temperature is above the phase change temperature?
  3. good update, now it is time to begin to offend each other for divergent opinions in the comments!
  4. yes, but is a high morale and need another plant like barbacue... this! and normal meat too... steak:meat+salt fried fish:pacu fillet+salt
  5. I think will vê great if we have a eletric grill meat/fish recipe, maybe steak for meat+salt...
  6. I have the same issue!! the liquid chlorine is the same then the polluted water to me too
  7. some nice things Soften Lead and Abyssalite elements. Harden Obsidian element. Duplicants work 2% faster when working in a lit space. Loud Sleepers sleep too deeply to be bothered by light while they sleep. Seeds self-plant after sitting on the ground a certain amount of time. After recovering from Food Sickness, Slime Sickness, or Zombie Sickness Dupes will not catch the same sickness again for a short time.
  8. I think it would be nice if the decorations gave the bonus per room, having a limitation of the same forniture per room. a statue would give decoration bonus to the whole room, but each room would only receive that bonus from a limit of (for example, can be more than one) a statue, a picture, one of each plant, and the floor would only give the bonus if the whole room was covered with the same type of floor. Another nice thing would be to slow down the dups when walking in the dark, it would force the bases to have light.
  9. *Changed draw order of water material. *Lower very hard calorie penalty. nice
  10. You could put more heat on the PWater and then switch to the water and "kill" that temperature Every 1ºC Pwater rises needed more heat than normal water.