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"Colony lacks Art Fundamentals" even though dupe with masterworks skill

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Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but it works differently than other skills, so worth mentioning.

If you get a dupe with the Masterworks as a default skill, they won't complete a painting. The game message is "Local colony lacks art fundamentals." Which is true, but there is a dupe with max art skill. When checking the (blank canvas) painting's "Errands" menu it says, about the masterworks dupe, "requires learned skill."

I seem to remember other skills (like digging and mechatronics engineer) not requiring the earlier levels being unlocked for the dupe to be able to do the higher-level skill they came with. A similar approach across skills might be good.


Steps to Reproduce

Have a dupe that starts with max art skill.

Build a painting.



User Feedback

This was already answered by 2 devs with conflicting answers:

1) here "it's unintuitive, but that's how it is":

2) here "it's unintuitive, so it should be changed", and it's been a known issue since the skill traits have been added to SO during Early Access:


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Thanks for the reply.

(I would point out that mechatronics engineer works from the start. But that might cause a dev to nerf it. So I won't.)

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