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Codex Discovered message problems

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

I opened a game from the previous Preview Build in this Preview Build, and there are several bugs relating to the Codex Discovered messages. (Note that before this preview build, they never showed up at all.)

  • Every morning, I get the alert "Codex Discovered (6)", all over again.
  • When I hover my mouse over that alert, it reads: Codex Discovered: MISSING.STRINGS.CODEX.LOCKS.LOG2
  • There's an entry titled "Cycle {0}" reading "My Duplicants have already used their new research station...". (The bug is the missing cycle number and tech name, which obviously wasn't recorded in the previous build, but people importing saves will be common, so probably there should be default values.)
  • Similarly, there's a "Cycle {0}" title for the entry beginning 'SEARCH DATABASE["VACILLATOR"]'

To be honest, I suspect you may know about all of these, and they just aren't finished being implemented, but I wanted to record them just in case.

Steps to Reproduce
Load old save in preview build

User Feedback

Same here. Probably a good idea to trigger codex discovery on dupe movement, but it has to work and not spam the user.

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I seem to be having the same problem, but the bug seems to be actually more serious, as it can cause the game to crash.

When I load Temporal Utopia.sav in SU-289327, I get the following message in the left menu:

Codex Discovered (6)

These 6 messages contain the following text:


I seem to get these 6 messages again at the start of every cycle.

This bug also seems to have corrupted my savegame. When I loadĀ Temporal Utopia Cycle 69.sav (which is an autosave) the game crashes when I try to open my "Codex Discovered" messages.

I was able to reproduce this crash several times reliably.

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The latest update SU-289453 seems to have fixed the issue of "Codex Discovered" notifications in the first savegame of my previous post. However, the issue of the game crashing when I click on "Codex Discovered" in the second savegame of my previous post is still there.

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