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Coal Generator status "Insufficient Resources - Coal", 43.6t available, 0kg reserved

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I have a recurring problem with Coal Generators where they randomly stop requesting fuel and incorrectly report "Insufficient Resources - Coal" even though there is plenty of coal available.  When this happens I have to restart the game and deconstruct/re-construct the generator to temporarily fix the problem.  This is really frustrating.  Effects both auto-sweeper and manual delivery.

Steps to Reproduce

Build and operate coal generators. I always use automation to try to limit wasted resources. I'm not sure what causes the coal generators to get stuck like this.

User Feedback


This means that when battery gets to 25%, the coal generator will request more coal but when battery is at 25% it probably doesn't last long until the auto-sweeper or a dupe gets coal to the generator. I usually put the generator at 100% and battery at 60-90 so when battery gets below 60 the generator will work and until it gets to 90 the generator will keep requesting refueling

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Ah, that explains it. I had no idea the fuel request threshold applied to the battery capacity and not the fuel capacity of the generator itself.  Thank you!

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