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  1. Thanks! I tried it but I get "Oh no! Something went wrong on the server." I'm trying Worldgen Seed 145519943
  2. Hi! I have a question about the manual upload method. I have a seed I like to play while I'm still learning (and failing, and learning from mistakes). I have installed the Workshop mod, followed the insturctions, and by all appearances successfully uploaded Worldgen Seed data. Is it possible to look up a map by specific worldgen seed on the website?
  3. If a player is drawing construction plans when the autosave executes a line of unintended builds may be drawn from the top left corner of the screen to the mouse. I have experienced this twice now, with wires and pipes.
  4. Correction: Problem has now been observed with other applications. Not a bug in Oxygen Not Included. The problem was caused by configuration software installed for my trackball. Removing this software resolved the problem. Issue resolved. Please close.
  5. Since the Quality of Life Mk.1 Upgrade, I've been having trouble opening the dropdown lists in Job Assignments which has made assigning duplicants to jobs very frustrating. When I click on the drop-down arrows in the Job Assignments screen it plays the "click" sound that indicates a click was registered but the drop-down menu does not open. I have had to rapidly mash the left click button 5 or 6 times before the menu starts opening and closing as expected. Problem may or may not be reproducable; while this problem is happening on my computer it is not happening on my partner's computer. (Addendum: this bug is also affecting the drop-down lists on the Schedule Editor.) (Addendum 2: I've found that by clicking and holding until the sound cue ends allows me to reliably open the dropdown menus.)
  6. As I've been playing I've assumed that using Save As could be used to make permanent save files even as I was overwriting auto-saves because they appeared on the Load menu as if they were primary save files until they were recycled. After building a new colony I wanted to go back and work on a different colony but found all progress lost because I had only been overwriting auto-saves for all previous colonies. I lost several hours of progress on multiple colonies due to this misunderstanding. It isn't specifically stated by the save prompts that permanent saves are only made by either saving directly to the original colony save file or when creating an entirely new manually named save file. I like the naming convention of the auto-saves. I thought I could save time not having to re-type it for a new and permanent save file by just selecting the auto-save from the list. I was wrong. It would be appreciated if one or more of the following suggestions were considered: 1) When "Save As" is used to overwrite an auto-save, please write the file to the permanent save folder instead (or offer the option to do so) or make it more clear in the overwrite confirmation that overwriting an auto-save file does not make a permanent save file (less ideal) 2) Auto-populate the "New Save" dialogue box with the current colony name and cycle number 3) Keep a number of most recent auto-saves for each main colony file rather than a global auto-save limit that deletes auto-saves of other colonies Thanks! Other than losing all of my progress to the confusion I've really been enjoying the game! ^_^
  7. When loading a saved game all Hydroponic Farm tiles have bottles of water on them. This is probably an artifact of all utility connections being broken while paused before the simulation starts.