carbon skimmer storage not insulated

Darkin Coaled
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The small storage of water inside the carbon skimmer is heated/cooled to match the temperature of the machine (or its surroundings, according to some).


When I noticed something strange happening the storage of the skimmer was rapidly oscillating between something near the input water temperature and building/area temp about 15 degrees higher.

I attempted to reproduce the issue that I am trying to report. Attached is my simple test rig. I am NOT able to reproduce this. Replace the oxygen in skimmer box with co2 to start and bring back oxygen to stop the thing,

The original map I was playing is also not repeating the behaviour I am trying to report.

If I ever see this again there will be screenshots.


Steps to Reproduce
Not known, sorry.

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All internal storage is changing temperature with building itself. What example of a building that didn't follow this rule?

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