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Can't use option

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Hello guys,

the game bugged after changing the shortcuts in the options and now i can not longer change them or reset them... 

With this bug, i can't use the option menu and other tools (audio, graphics, controls...) 

Can you help me plz? I want to test it! ^^

Do you have a link or a mail?


Steps to Reproduce
I bought the game and just before my first run the game bug. I was in the option, changing shortcuts when the bug came. Now I cant reset the shortcuts because I can't open the control menu in the options. I can open the option menu but no other after.

User Feedback

Hello @panpan10, welcome to the forums.

Did you perhaps misclick and unknowingly set a shortcut/hotkey to be bound to the right click (mouse 1) and now you aren't able to go back and change the controls or reset them? If so, I'd recommend to following method to reset the controls:

  • Close Oxygen Not Included if it's open
  • Go to Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded
  • Delete keybindings.json
  • Start up Oxygen Not Included again

Hopefully everything is back to how it used to be. Be careful with rebinding hotkeys. Cheers.

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