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Can't load previous colonies

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I've been having an issue with my previous colonies, which stopped working after latest update. Attaching my player.log which has all mods disabled on freshly reinstalled game (I also tried updating and/or enabling them in different configurations).

If you have any idea for what to do, please help me. I have a colony that lasted almost a year and would be a shame to lose it...



Steps to Reproduce

Launch the game; try to launcg any of the previous colonies

User Feedback

you have a ScheduleBlock deserialization error. the game lacks some kind of mod that changes these ScheduleBlocks. like Rest for the Weary or something. try to remember which mod you used and install it again.

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It works! I have no idea why it crashed in the first place since I don't turn those mods off. Maybe it was a random crash after which I decided to get rid of them. Anyhow, thanks so much for you help!

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