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Can"t create a new save file.

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Ever since the rocketry update came out, i haven't been able to create a new save file. When i try, it will load as normal up until it hits 100%, then the game will freeze on a black screen for a second as if its about to let me pick my duplicants, and then it just goes back to the main menu without creating any new files. I've tried everything i could think of to fix this, including uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times. I could get no answers asking on steam, so I had to come here. Please help!

Steps to Reproduce
All i did was try to create a new default world right after i saw the rocketry update come out.

User Feedback

and permissions on the directories (I don't have a Windows box to check where it is, but finding a directory named "Klei" shouldn't be hard:))


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I've still got plenty of disk space left, and ive already found where the save files are. idk how to change that, or anything, really.

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Since earlier, i tried deleting my save files to see if that would effect anything, i decided to try and delete the save location itself, and somehow, this fixed my issue. I'm not sure how, but i wont question it. Thanks for the advice tho, it was much more than i ever got on steam!

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