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Cant build auto sweepers

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I attempted to build an auto sweeper with a heavily modded game and for some reason the dupes just refuse to build it, they will deliver the materials but wont actually build it.  I disabled all my mods, then on a brand new clean game I used debug mode with ctrl-f4 to enable the ability to make an auto sweeper. On that brand new game and with no mods I STILL can not build an auto sweeper.  It allows me to place it but refuses to actually build it.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Attempt to build an auto sweeper

User Feedback

Do you have a Dupe that can build Sweepers? Does that Dupe have his Build priority set to high? If its set to neutral the Dupe will ignore building Delivery systems.

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You need a mechanic for this job. No dupe can build sweepers without that trait. 

And coul you explain, what place, but not build means? 

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