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cancelling build order does not cancel dig

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I have a problem where my dupes sometimes dig into areas that I have cancelled dig orders on. If I first mark a section to dig and then place building over it, like a manual airlock for instance, and then cancel the building of the airlock, it does not cancel the digging of where the airlock would be.  If I do this in an area that I cannot yet dig I can see the error about to occur because it leaves the miners hat symbol on the tiles.  Even if I then mark the area to dig, and then cancel it I cannot get rid of the dig symbols and sure enough my dupes will try to dig it when they get the chance.

I just want to say I rather love playing this game and I am an excellent software developer and I have used Unity3d extensively but before Unity3d I was a C++ wizard, which I think you probably use since you are doing this on Unreal Engine?  If you are in need of a programmer please hire me and I can help you with some issues, *cough* pipes, dupes not reprioritizing tasks after being issued a move command, bioscan doors being one sided and placed backwards.

I'm not submitting any files because I am too lazy and I think it is pretty evident what is happening based on the description I gave you.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Mark an area to dig. 2. Override the dig by placing a build order on the same tiles. 3. Cancel the build order. 4. Watch as dupes dig through wall releasing pockets of precious hydrogen up into your base.

User Feedback

Interesting bug but I can't reproduce it and I thought i knew what might be going on. Phantom dig orders left over from build orders could have been a thing, but i've tried several times and can't get the hats to stick. This was a bug at one point a few updates ago. so maybe it's come back under unusual circumstances, but for me, they don't even bother trying to dig those tiles. Even when they get the promotion, the orders get cleared when i cancel the build order. either by clicking the blueprint/ghost, or via painting over it with cancel all, or cancel buildings - no digging is done.

The only oddity I discovered was that material deliveries have to be made prior to digging. And that canceling a build on an embedded build order causes the delivered materials to become lodged in the natural/preexisting materials after you cancel the build. The material returns to the pool of available materials, so it's sweepable even when buried.

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