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  1. I am seeing a similar bug when I put 2k on a line by using one 800 W hydrogen with two 600 W coal generators. If you link them with the 4k transformer they get overloaded and if you link them with two 1k transformers they only pass through 1800 W instead of the full 2k and overproduction is reported in the reports tab.
  2. So I know the most common layout is to put all your power onto heavi-watt and run the heavi-watt across your base hidden in corridors just for them. But I have been seeing layouts where you can route power back to your batteries using transformers, which allows you to spread out the location of your generators. Everything is working as expected if I use one generator per line. But the math is getting wonky when I use multiple generators on one line. So where things work as expected is when I have one 2kW petrol generator: 1) (2 kW petrol) into (1 kW + 1 kW transformers) into heavi-watt power strip -> no overproduction, no circuit damage 2) (2 kW petrol) into (4 kW large transformer) into heavi-watt power strip -> no overproduction, no circuit damage Where things don't work as expected is when I replace the 2 kW petrol with one 800 W hydrogen and two 600 W coal gens: 3) (800 W hydrogen + 600 W coal + 600 W coal) into (1 kW + 1 kW transformer) -> circuit status reads 1800 W / 0 W and reports show overproduction of both coal and hydrogen but mostly hydrogen. 2 kW consumer network is flickering in and out of power. 4) (800 W hydrogen + 600 W coal + 600 W coal) into (4 kW large transformer) -> circuit status reads 2400 W / 0 W and wires burning up before transformer as it is filling up capacity, then it reads 2000 W / 0 W as the transformer's capacity stabilizes but reports show steady overproduction of the hydrogen generator, which is kind of crazy because my circuit is setup to use 2 kW continuously so to be having any overproduction with no power outage would mean that the gens are making more than 2 kW of power. I don't know if this is the intended use of power transformers because it allows you to easily bypass using heavi-watt wiring. I can basically build my petrol generator in the oil biome and use conductive wiring through walls to bring the power back to my base. This exploit could be fixed by only allowing transformers to output to lower wattage. So basically if you have 2 kW going into the transformer it can only bring the output up to 2 kW. Wonky Power.sav
  3. I have a problem where my dupes sometimes dig into areas that I have cancelled dig orders on. If I first mark a section to dig and then place building over it, like a manual airlock for instance, and then cancel the building of the airlock, it does not cancel the digging of where the airlock would be. If I do this in an area that I cannot yet dig I can see the error about to occur because it leaves the miners hat symbol on the tiles. Even if I then mark the area to dig, and then cancel it I cannot get rid of the dig symbols and sure enough my dupes will try to dig it when they get the chance. I just want to say I rather love playing this game and I am an excellent software developer and I have used Unity3d extensively but before Unity3d I was a C++ wizard, which I think you probably use since you are doing this on Unreal Engine? If you are in need of a programmer please hire me and I can help you with some issues, *cough* pipes, dupes not reprioritizing tasks after being issued a move command, bioscan doors being one sided and placed backwards. I'm not submitting any files because I am too lazy and I think it is pretty evident what is happening based on the description I gave you.
  4. It's actually kind of annoying not being able to cancel cooking gristle berries from the grill when you have plenty of peppers to make bristle berries deluxe. It means I have to watch my crop harvest and wait for the farmer to harvest so that recipe shows up and I can cancel it. Also if you aren't careful food items will be consumed when they are first made because they start as consumable and you cannot uncheck them until they are made, so I almost always lose my first barbeques to the hungry piggies. Maybe a checkbox to hide/show unavailable items would be useful.