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  1. Game Runs, but Screen stuck on Loading

    This happens to me sometimes if I alt-tab while loading.
  2. I'm getting the same problem, I have a regular container for my dupes to fill up and next to it is the fish feeder and it won't transfer the algae. >> EDIT >> After watching a dupe load the feeder I found it is loaded at the base tile. I assumed the feeder would be loaded from the top like a real feeder would be. I moved a tile blocking line of sight to the base tile and the auto-sweeper engaged. Yay! Looking at the OP's posted image, his right feeder's base tile is not in range of the sweeper.
  3. I have a problem where my dupes sometimes dig into areas that I have cancelled dig orders on. If I first mark a section to dig and then place building over it, like a manual airlock for instance, and then cancel the building of the airlock, it does not cancel the digging of where the airlock would be. If I do this in an area that I cannot yet dig I can see the error about to occur because it leaves the miners hat symbol on the tiles. Even if I then mark the area to dig, and then cancel it I cannot get rid of the dig symbols and sure enough my dupes will try to dig it when they get the chance. I just want to say I rather love playing this game and I am an excellent software developer and I have used Unity3d extensively but before Unity3d I was a C++ wizard, which I think you probably use since you are doing this on Unreal Engine? If you are in need of a programmer please hire me and I can help you with some issues, *cough* pipes, dupes not reprioritizing tasks after being issued a move command, bioscan doors being one sided and placed backwards. I'm not submitting any files because I am too lazy and I think it is pretty evident what is happening based on the description I gave you.