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Before Windows 10 update, around the Tubular Upgrade patch on start up the game would show a windowed black screen while the music played in the background. After hours spent checking to see I have the latest GPU drivers, as well as uninstalling and installing, the problem continued to persist and has gotten worse since I used the tool OxygenNotIncluded_resetsettings.reg. Now instead of a black screen window, nothing pops up but I continue to hear the background music of the game. 



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21 hours ago, Cheerio said:

I think this is similar to this bug. Could you please try the solution they proposed to see if that fixes it for you?

That only applies to nvidia, the OP is on AMD. There is another use on intel graphics and I asked him to try windowed mode.


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I tried the method that was shown but nothing has changed. And now the game simply doesn't show up. I can hear the background music, but there's no window...The only thing I can see is an icon on my toolbar.

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