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Black screen after Windows notification

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Laptop: XIAOMI air 13'

OS: Windows 10 Home


I was playing the game on my laptop by battery charge. Just before the charge is over OS Windows 10 Home gave out an alert "Low Battery" and hided game application. After showing back application the game have lost scene (I can see only black sreen). Game restart did not solve the problem. I should load previously saves to fix this problem.

Новый точечный рисунок.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
Create a situation where OS Windows hides game application by "Low battery" notification on laptop.

User Feedback

Did you try pressing "H"-key, to go back to the printing pod?

We had a bug in the last preview, causing the game to move to the upper left, off the actual world. Maybe the battery-warning caused such a thing too.

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