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automation desynchronises

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A second in a Buffer/Filter is shorter than a second in the rest of the simulation.
Worse yet, the difference gets more pronounced the faster the game speed is set.

Assuming a cycle is 600s, then 600s of automation on the noted game speed are in the following ranges:

  1. Normal: 570s-564s  (95%-94%)
  2. Fast: 534s-538s  (89%-88%)
  3. Fastest: 504s-498s  (84%-83%)




All three buffers are set to 200s.


Set the clock sensor to have an on-off-edge at a certain time (here at 100%)


Wait at a fixed game speed for the last buffer to turn off.


Pause and compare to the starting time. (This was the result on normal.)

A liquid pump I set up displaced 5940kg of water within a cycle (I blame my reaction time for the missing 60kg), thereby showing a difference between these systems.

On top of that is the ratio not consistent.
Given on-off cycles of "automation-precision", the throughput of a liquid valve fluctuates by a "liquid grid tick".

Out of ten (10s pulse):

  • Normal: 2* 100kg, 8* 90kg
  • Fastest: 3* 90kg, 7* 80kg

Out of ten (20s pulse):

  • Normal: 7* 190kg, 3* 180kg
  • Fastest: 4* 170kg, 6* 160kg

Regardless of game speed they should all be the same. This makes the whole system useless for anything intricate.

(I thought about it and them all being the same is not necessary, since the pulse length is not an exact multiple of "liquid grid ticks". BUT the throughput does not seem to be periodic either.)




From top left to bottom right: on length, 0.2s, on length + off length - 1, off length



Steps to Reproduce
See above

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