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Auto sweepers don't interact with liquid bottles

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I've tried doing a bit of automation on cooling my base with Ice Makers and Ice-E Fans. They were right next to one another. After awhile I noticed the dupes were grabbing water from a Pitcher Pump instead of the tonne of water sitting idly by the Fans (not the greatest optimisation there), so I installed an Auto-Sweeper to automate the process of moving the water produced by the Fans back into the Ice Makers. Sadly, that didn't work - the Sweepers would not pick up the bottled water, so after a few cycles I had an Ice Maker that ran every now and then when a dupe would grab 30C water from a Pitcher Pump, an Ice-E Fan that would be auto-loaded with ice by the Sweeper, and about 5 tonnes of cool water sitting idly by two tiles away from the Ice Maker that nobody bothered to pick up to turn back into ice.

Fixing pathing to prioritise liquids sitting on tiles would probably be a not so simple change. It would be nice though if at least the Auto-Sweepers worked with supplying liquids to buildings that accept them. This could also be a neat way to optimise say, Sweepy Docks being emptied into Bottle Emptiers!

Steps to Reproduce

- Build an Ice Maker, an Ice-E Fan and an Auto-Sweeper in range of one another
- Let Dupes operate both
- By the end of it, you will have a water bottle sitting by the Fan, an Auto-Sweeper in range of both, and an Ice Maker not being fed water, despite the Auto-Sweeper being able to reach both.

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