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Auto-Sweeper occasionally stops taking things out of conveyor receptacle

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So I've had this problem a few times where basically an auto-sweeper will stop removing items from a conveyor receptacle to put them into a storage container or generator etc. It's happened a few different times, usually after playing few an hour or more, and to several different auto-sweepers. I've only seen it happen to sweepers that're supposed to be moving items from a conveyor receptacle, haven't noticed it happen when a sweeper is supposed to pick up items off the ground or take them out of any other building. I've checked and made sure everything was getting power, the priorities and storage settings are all right, there's space for the item to go, everything like that. Basically it will be working fine for a while, and then I'll pass by and notice a conveyor system and everything is all stopped up, and look and nothing is broken, no settings have been changed or anything, the sweeper just isn't moving items. When it happens I can change settings or priorities on the receptacle or what the item should be moved to, but none of that works. I can save the game and then instantly reload that save and the auto-sweeper will start working just fine.

I couldn't find the output_log.txt file in the location the instructions said it would be in, don't know why I wouldn't be generating one. I can provide anymore information if necessary.

Underground Crashpad.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I had a conveyor belt system set up with a receptacle at the end, and an auto-sweeper there to move items from the receptacle to storage or another building. Get the whole thing working fine, then go do something else for a while. Like a couple hours of a while. Then check back over everything and notice that the sweeper stopped moving very important items to where they need to be when they're just right there, and now everything is on fire. I'm sorry I can't be more specific with what happens to cause this.

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It s a know problem for quite some time now. As a workaround, connect your sweepers to a clock, set it to 99% uptime. It shuts down a few seconds a "day", and resets the sweeper. 

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