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  1. I've got two lures built in a stable with pufts in it, trying to move them to a new stable, but the lures just aren't working. They've both been up for a few cycles with no catch. Both were loaded at one point, but the one on the left at some point became unloaded without capturing a puft. The screenshot shows slime on the floor at the foot of the lure, and the auto-sweeper isn't loading it. After I toggled slime off from the lure and back on the sweeper loaded it again. How2CoolSpace.sav
  2. Oh okay, I haven't made it to rockets yet. So I don't have anything you don't get from the home meteor lol. So nowhere near that many wheezeworts. I think for where I'm at though, just starting out building in space, a little petroleum on the floor around the miners is the way to go since a little bit of petroleum won't instantly absorb 80% of the light passing through it.
  3. Maybe the wiki meant petroleum absorbs 80% of light if it's a full tile of 1000kg. So if there's only like 25kg or so the amount of light lost would be negligible. Also Neotuck, that is a very impressive build, but considering I'm on survival mode I'm not sure I could generate enough cold to cool off fresh regolith before it starts overheating and breaking the miners. Your setup looks like it'd have to be absorbing a massive amount of heat fairly quickly.
  4. So this is basically what you'd expect from the title. I've got bunker doors protecting things in space, the doors open and dump regolith everywhere, the miners clean it and overheat because they can't dissipate heat. I built a cooling system to run chilled (~-10°C) petroleum through pipes into the area, and ran it through iron radiant pipes behind all the buildings where I had also built granite tempshift plates. But that didn't work; it seemed to not touch the temperature of the robo-miners or anything else except maybe the tempshift plates. I guess it still needs a gas or liquid to exchange heat between pipes, tempshift plates, and buildings. I've looked around a bit, but the only solutions I could find were either vent cold gas out next to the miners with a few tiles of drywall around to slow the gas being sucked off into space, or put the miners on a window floor and cover the floor in a 25kg layer of petroleum to cool. I don't really have an abundance to gas to just cool and vent into space except for a chlorine geyser, which makes for a band coolant, or two hot PO2 geysers, which would take a lot to cool from 300°C to something usable. And I'm not sure how the petroleum on the floor worked for the guy that did it considering petroleum absorbs 80% of light (at least according to the wiki), not leaving much for solar panels below. Anyone got any advice? Pics below of my current set up. Edit: Oh, and it may be worth noting that I'm still playing on the live build, not on preview yet.
  5. So I've had this problem a few times where basically an auto-sweeper will stop removing items from a conveyor receptacle to put them into a storage container or generator etc. It's happened a few different times, usually after playing few an hour or more, and to several different auto-sweepers. I've only seen it happen to sweepers that're supposed to be moving items from a conveyor receptacle, haven't noticed it happen when a sweeper is supposed to pick up items off the ground or take them out of any other building. I've checked and made sure everything was getting power, the priorities and storage settings are all right, there's space for the item to go, everything like that. Basically it will be working fine for a while, and then I'll pass by and notice a conveyor system and everything is all stopped up, and look and nothing is broken, no settings have been changed or anything, the sweeper just isn't moving items. When it happens I can change settings or priorities on the receptacle or what the item should be moved to, but none of that works. I can save the game and then instantly reload that save and the auto-sweeper will start working just fine. I couldn't find the output_log.txt file in the location the instructions said it would be in, don't know why I wouldn't be generating one. I can provide anymore information if necessary. Underground Crashpad.sav
  6. Trouble with cooling

    Thank yall! I didn't know the sieves and skimmers had a set temperature output. I've got an aquatuner stuck in a polluted water tank, with the polluted water cycling out being fed into a couple sieves and then into the aquatuner and it's working great! I really appreciate the help, thanks!
  7. So I'm having trouble figuring out how to manage heat in the game. Most specifically right now with the aquatuner. I've got a set up running clean (read:not germy) polluted water from natural gas gens and algae distillers into a sieve and from there into an aquatuner submerged in water. At first I tried dumping the water from the sieve into the tank the aquatuner was in, and then pumping it from the tank into the aquatuner, but found out that the water heats up faster trying to cool the auqatuner than that cycles through the water in the tank, so the tank just would just progressively heat up along with my output. Now I've got the water from the tank being pumped into a room full of hydrogen and wheezewarts, where the water is running through radiant pipes in a radiator style before pouring back into the tank with the aquatuner. But after running that for a few cycles the water hasn't moved from around 60°C, and the hydrogen has risen in temperature to match, where when I started the hydrogen was -10°C. Pictures of the set up below. The water is set to flow through the hydrogen chamber constantly. The hydrogen is flowing around in pipes in the hydrogen chamber as well, and is set up on a temp sensor so that when the room gets cool enough the gas valves would swap and the hydrogen would move through the aquatuner chamber. Also when I made the change to run the water that the aquatuner was sitting in through the hydrogen chamber, the aquatuner hasn't run since, this is just showing after around 4 or 5 cycles of trying to get rid of residual heat. Both chambers are backed with tempshift plates made of sedimentary rock. Radiant pipes are made of gold, and insulated pipes are granite.