audio presets not being saved

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Steam Can't Reproduce

The audio settings used to be saved when you quit the game, but they are no longer saved  (very small bug) :)


Steps to Reproduce
change audio settings, save, and reload the game

Status: Can't Reproduce

We need more information for this issue. Additional information would be appreciated.

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.... ....

no, they seem to have fixed it, I think it was fixed several updates ago, more then a week ago I'm sure


but the box to check if morning music plays have never worked for me, it always  plays music in the  morning regardless of the box being checked or not



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Awesome, thanks!

The music checkbox -- the label of that might be a bit misleading... it's meant to mean that music will play every single cycle, rather than only play every second or third cycle. Does music play every cycle for you regardless of whether you have it checked?

In either case, you've reminded me to rename that button!

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