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  1. Pi2

    morning sound

    all I know is there is no difference in sound whether the box is checked or not
  2. will there ever come a time when we can turn off the morning music, checking the box does nothing, it's not that I mind the music, it just stops the game while it is playing it,and that is annoying, thanks guys, awesome upgrade
  3. I am having the same problem, I assign them a suit, one is fine, two is fine, but when the third person puts one on, the other one drops theirs where ever they are. In general they just keep dropping them all over the place
  4. no, they seem to have fixed it, I think it was fixed several updates ago, more then a week ago I'm sure but the box to check if morning music plays have never worked for me, it always plays music in the morning regardless of the box being checked or not
  5. when copying settings for the bottle emptier, it does not copy the enable/disable auto water bottling.
  6. The audio settings used to be saved when you quit the game, but they are no longer saved (very small bug)
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or just a change. Before the OU upgrade I could assign a med bed to a dup and they would use it when they needed it, now when I assign a bed to a dup and they are not ill, they just go there and un-assign it. Is this a change or a bug?