[AUDIO] Infinite sound loop when Pokeshells eat from critter feeder

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

There is a sound glitch when pokeshells eat from a critter feeder in that the sound they make will get "stuck" and loop repeatedly even when they're not eating. It happens without fail every time and is rather loud (not to mention a glitch). It would be like if the portal always made its "new printables" noise even when there aren't new printables. 

Steps to Reproduce
Listen closely when pokeshells eat from a critter feeder. You will hear the sound glitch of them "eating", this sound byte will play constantly.

User Feedback

+1 kinda annoying, the sound keeps playing even after returning to main menu, only game closing helps. Also, not sure if it's related somehow, game freezes when you try closing it with this sound loop in background at main menu.


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