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[AU-221865] Algae Terrarium not consuming C02 (despite being surrounded by it)

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At least via the Info popup it's not.  It's hard to tell for sure whether it is a display problem or not but there is more C02 down there than I'd expect.  Anyway, savegame attached.

Doomed Trainwreck.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Unclear - haven't seen this issue before

User Feedback

I think I found the trigger: After a reload the algae terrarium works fine until it says "max gas pressure" after a "restart" of the terrarium it'll only generate oxygen and not consume co2

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I have this issue as well. After I loaded up the save a second time and moved it CO2 began to be consumed. Upon hovering over it, it shows all the current rates, and CO2 does not appear. Let's hope they see this, as this is a game breaker for inexperienced players. The bug carried over to the full update release

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