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au-219035 steam geyser stopped producing water [resolved]

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Edit: This is not a bug. 


I have 2 steam geysers in my colony. Both of them still animate when emitting water but one of them appears to have stopped spawning in more water. I couldn't find anyone else with this problem so I'm not sure what is actually happening here. Here is a screen shot of the animation but no actual water dripping down. http://imgur.com/a/nQ86L I can try and find a save file before and after the geyser breaks if this turns out to be a bug.

Steps to Reproduce
Wait for slime to emit well over 5k pressure on top of your geyser.

User Feedback

I just checked and yes that does appear to be the problem. The few blocks of slime still exposed in the area pushed the gas pressure to over 5k. Once we get more tool tips this should be less confusing.

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