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[AU-219035] gaps in liquid flow create 50% reduction in throughput

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My drain has started to create a 1 tile gap every other tick; suspect it is caused by multiple pipes connecting to the drain somehow.  Not sure what triggered it though.

Picture and save game attached


2017-06-10 (2)_LI.jpg


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it looks like you have multiples inputs and outputs on the same pipeline.  In general, that's a good way to mess up pipelines, so not really a bug as a pipeline design error.  If that pipe coming from the left is another input as I suspect, then try demolishing the end of it where it merges in, and merging that other input in with a liquid bridge instead.  that will usually get your throughput back to full, bridges are useful for that purpose as well as their normal purpose.

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Only one output but yes, multiple inputs.  You can't have multiple inputs without a liquid bridge to connect them?  I do it all the time and it normally works fine.  

I would expect things work efficiently even with multiple outputs (pipe throughput being the limiter).  I have multiple inputs and outputs in my air system and that works fine.

  Loops would be the case I could understand not working ideally.

I already worked around this case but will try the liquid bridge next time.  Thanks!

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Multiple inputs with one output usually works fine, sometimes it bugs out and i figure out why, sometimes it bugs out and i never do.  You probably could have fixed it by just removing one pipe section and rebuilding it, if that's the case, but it doesn't hurt to overengineer with extra liquid bridges to help the pipe code out.

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