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Atmo Suit won't deliver to rocket

Lisa W
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I have built my rocket, trained my astronaut, and can load my astronaut into the rocket.  My only problem is that even at priority 9 no duplicants will deliver an atmo suit.  I have tried building single suits to be delivered, changing the priority, and at one point six of my duplicants were set to only deliver items to storage or buildings with no benefit.


Steps to Reproduce
Build a rocket and wait.

User Feedback

Wow, it's indeed a challenge. I use your save game and do the following:

  1. Click on Priority Button [P] and change all priority 9 to 8. This change does not intervene your current game play but may take times to change all of them.
  2. Click on Command Capsule and raise its priority number to 9.
  3. Open Priority Screen [L] and temporary disable all chore for Catalina (or a dupe that you like). Then, raise priority level of storage chore (the furthest column) to highest level (up-up).
  4. Click on Catalina. Her info will pop-up. Then, click on "Move to" Button and order her to come closer to an atmo suit on floor (near Exosuit Forge).
  5. Wait and pray that she will pick a suit and go straight to the rocket before downtime. If she goes somewhere else, there may be some priority 9 somewhere that need to be changed to 8. Just click on her and click on "Follow Cam" to see where she is heading to, decrease its priority and repeat step 4-5 again. 
  6. After a successful delivery, open Priority Screen [L] and change Catalina's chore back to normal and revert all priority 8 to 9 (I would suggest leaving them at 8). 
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