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[AT-240508] Can research 'Decontamination' with just one of Sanitation & Medical Research

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Steam Closed

Expected behaviour from the Research screen display is that both Sanitation and Medical Research are required to research Decontamination, but was able to research it just with Sanitation.

Steps to Reproduce
In a game with little research so far, hover over Decontamination and see the required sciences before that highlighted. Although the screen suggests Medical Research to be a requirement, it does not highlight.

User Feedback

We need to improve the UI to make this more clear, but Decontamination only has Sanitation as a requirement. When you hover your mouse over Decontamination, the orange line correctly only points to Sanitation. We well try to improve the appearance of this so it is more clear in the future. Thanks!

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