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Aquatuner pipe sensor triggering improperly

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Similar to how cutoffs and the like work, I use a build that uses a temperature sensor to determine if a particular packet of water needs to be processed by the aquatuner, or if it should skip to the bridge.  I use this in cooling systems for both farms and my O2 systems.

While I hadn't noticed this in my cooling system, my farm system currently has a gapped loop that's trying to cool itself to target temperature, but it can't be pulled by the aquatuner.


The logic that controls this is simple.  It's a temperature pipe sensor strapped onto the aquatuner.

T3 - C109 - Aquatuner gaps.sav5bd898e4e9400_ATBugLogic.JPG.6c39bb7a80a11b9c550c5cdadd852f1b.JPG

The big logic on the left is for the hot coolant flush.  It's the AT to worry about.

What's appears to happen is the sensor triggers when the packet is entering.  The aquatuner acts like it's running.  However, it doesn't pull the water into the aquatuner, and the packet continues on to the bridged loop.

I've recently had to adjust my drowning pool, as the timers were no longer being precise enough for the critters to fall at the correct rates.  They were being delayed for drop for too long and thus everything was off by a second or two.  While having nothing to do with the Aquatuner, I do wonder if the simulator is lagging somewhere which is causing this issue as well.

Steps to Reproduce
View attached save file. In theory, just use a gapped loop for an aquatuner, and have the sensor fire but not push the packet into the aquatuner.

User Feedback

Did you check the contents of the aquatuner?  You might have a stuck packet of water that isn't getting cooled because the aquatuner isn't on long enough.

Therefore the other packet keeps looping because the aquatuner is FULL and won't allow any more packets in

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Then I don't know, personally I prefer to use shutoff valve to bypass aquatuners

But that doesn't mean your build shouldn't work

Is it possible the aquatuner is off before the packet reaches it?

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It absolutely is turning off when the pipe vacuums, that's why the 3 gap exists.  You can't use a pipe sensor then add something downstream correctly with it activating.  If you want to empty the pipe loop only when it's hit the correct temperatures.  I can engineer my way out of it but the problem exists.

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Upon further investigation, I'm finding out that ANY aquatuner + temp sensor pickup is behaving this way.  If you have 50C as your target, and a 49.8 has just passed through, it'll get absorbed by a 50.2 flipping the switch, and if a 49.9 follows it, the 50.2 skips the aquatuner. 

It would appear to avoid this, a pipe thermostat + cutoff + bridge/Aquatuner loop should handle the issue, but it seems overkill.

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