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Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier buggy when getting exactly 10g/s hydrogen

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I have an Anti-Entropy Thermo Nullifier than I'm feeding exactly 10g/s of hydrogen using a gas valve to control the hydrogen flow in. 

The AETN is supposed to use 10g/s of hydrogen according to its text. But when giving it 10g/s of hydrogen I see it constantly flickering between the working state and the awaiting fuel state. I'm not sure if it actually needs more than 10g/s of hydrogen to work 100% of the time and this is a gameplay issue, or if this is just a visual/performance issue. Feeding it 11g/s of hydrogen solves the issue. 

Steps to Reproduce

Feed an AETN exactly 10g/s of hydrogen using a gas valve to control the flow. 

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User Feedback

I've had this happen before. I believe this is totally expected behavior.

Most if not all buildings that do some kind of work will have an internal storage buffer and will work with that. One could say that once the amount falls below a certain level a "no fuel/no power" status/animation is bound to be triggered.

This is very noticeable with the AETN on account of how little it takes to get it to work. Feeding it 11g/s will eventually fill its internal buffer and allow for smooth operation.

Many have decided to toggle AETN's on and off in one way or another once a target temperature is reached.

I decided to go the other way and just let them reach a "too cold" status, they'll stop using hydrogen by that point. Instead, my builds will just dump heat into the AETN box when necessary.

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