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Alge terrarium doesn't work at carbon dioxide.

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Duplicants makes Carbon dioxide. So it needs to be deal with.

I commonly use Alge terrarium. That's easy.

If I recruit 4 Duplicants, I need 3 Alge terrarium. No more.


But this time, I recruited 6 Duplicants, And I made 8~10 Alge terrarium. But, Carbon dioxide Never disappear.

Screenshot shows 'not changing' during 8 cycles.(2 screenshots have term of 8 cycles.)

**And there are few critters. 3 shine bugs and 2~3 puft.  And I don't use coal generator. And natural gas generator works few seconds a cycle.


This is not the thing, always shown while playing this game. Many time, Alge terrarium banish carbon dioxide.

But not this time. I experienced this bug when I first played this game. It was very frustrated.


Alge terrarium sometimes shows [banishing carbon dioxide 333.33mg].

But the situation never changed. Why? why the 10 Alge terrarium cannot change the situtation??


Screenshot shows 8 cycles' term. but I experience this for 30 cycles. It is painful.

Please guide me if i did something wrong.

If not, please fix this.



***********It was not bug. forget this text.








Steps to Reproduce
I don't know. Many time Alge terrarium banish Carbon dioxide. But sometimes not.

User Feedback

Dupe exhales CO2 at the rate of 2 g/s while Algae Terrarium can get rid of CO2 at the rate of 0.333 g/s (333 mg/s). In theory, you will need a total of 6 Algae Terrarium per dupe to maintain CO2 level in your colony.

In addition, some machines (such as Natural Gas Generator in your screenshot) emit CO2 at higher rate. You should not rely on Algae Terrarium for CO2 absorption at all.

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