Airborne Critter Bait causes crash

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I am trying to lure Shine Bugs into a berry farm using the new Critter Bait item, but almost immediately after I made it the game crashed. This has happened twice, then I made a test run to replicate the error. I don't use recording tools so the screenshots are all I can offer.

1. have Shine Bugs.



2. Build an AIrborne Critter Bait pot.


3. T-3 seconds


4. And start!


As soon as the Shine Bugs arrived at the Bait it disappeared, and the game crashed. (I was having issues with my firewall so it didn't send the report, I'll get one sent in a bit now that I've also figured that part out...)



I'll make a custom game to test this issue out further.



Steps to Reproduce
Build an Airborne Critter Bait while multiple Shine Bugs and/or Shine Nymphs are present, as soon as they arrive at the Bait it crashes.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Initial testing of the issue in a custom game:

Test 1: single bait pot in a room: did not crash immediately


Test 2: 1 shine nymph, 1 pot:nymph eats the bait successfully, this is a happy little nymph!


Test 3: multiple shinebugs: This triggered the crash. all 5 of these bugs were drawn to the bait, continuing to it even once the first one ate it. As soon as the second one arrived to the place the bait was, it crashed.



I canèt find my log file, and it still won't send reports. I'll take a look at why that is as well.


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