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Additional bottled water is generated when fish die

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This is not normal, a fish dying in water should put the water in the fish back into the world, not "fill up the water"








(The above English are all from Google Translate, may not be accurate, sorry)

Steps to Reproduce

the moment the fish died

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User Feedback

It is seems like a bug, but it is a feature. Gulp fish transforms polluted water into normal water. Most probably it work by portions - like, 10kg polluted water in, 10kg water out. In case if your fish consume 12 kg of polluter water, it will transforms and execrate 10 kg of water, and keep 2 kg inside as a container. In case if fish die, container destroyed and water going out "bottled". Same behavior happens if you destroy any other liquid container - water tank, liquid sieve, desalinator or aquatuner. 

PS for sure it is a bug, fish is not smart enough to pack water into bottles unless it is mutated dolphin under cover.

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