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  1. Previously water sieve can be used to removed heat from the base(make input 100C polluted water and get as output 40C clean water). It was fixed and now water and polluted water have the same heat capacity and water sieve doesn't change temperature. So now we can use the same method with Desalinator and brine: since heat capacity of input 5000 * 3.4 is greater than heat capacity of output 3500 * 4.179 - 1500 * 0.7. Method to fix is pretty easy: just change heat capacity for brine and salt water.
  2. I want to remove one entrance from my base. So I build the door and forbid dupes from entering it. To move atmo suits to another entrance, exit is still allowed. So only right to left direction is allowed. But my dupes can go either way without problem That's why they bring slimeling and it was not filtered by ore scrubber...Tbut There was similar fixed issue, but my door is build precisely on top of ladder. And one more question: when bug is fixed, then fix will be present only in the next following stable build, or steam is allowing to upload minor patches automatically and my version has already fix for "Access restrictions not working on horizontal doors" bug?
  3. Robot miner will not mine tiles because of doors, even if they are opened.
  4. I want to automatize starting of space missions. Rocket is ready, but duplicant is ignoring this chore for unknown reason, even if I make top priority for space mission. So I cannot send rockets in automatic way :(( Please fix it. Thank you.
  5. Didn't notice that something is not working, but that notification is annoying. Thank you.
  6. Assume I'm using conveyor rails: conveyor_loader -> conveyor_rail1 -> ... -> conveyor_rail99 -> conveyor_rail100 -> conveyor_rail101 -> conveyor_receptacle. If cargo on conveyor_rail100 has changed form (from solid to liquid), then content of conveyor_rail100 will be empty. But content of conveyor_rail99 will not be moved to conveyor_rail100. This behaviour obstructs smoothness of transportation process. If contents on conveyor_rail1, conveyor_rail2, .. conveyor_rail100 have changed form, then after conveyor_receptacle will accept content of conveyor_rail101, it will not receive any content during 100 seconds(since 100 seconds are needed to move a content from conveyor_loader to conveyor_receptacle)! You can ask: "Does it matter how fast the content is moving?". Yes, It does. For example efficiency of melting system is depending on this: And it's really strange to see image of cargo, but in comment "contents: Empty". Moreover after reloading the game it will be fixed, but it's very crazy idea to reload the game each time this bug has occurred.
  7. On image you can see that stored power goes from full battery to empty battery(probably with speed 1kJ/sec = 1kW), but power consumption will be 5kW on the left side and 0W on the right side! Bug1: Logically power consumption on wires should be the same on both sides, no? Bug2: This system is triggering circuit overload and breaking my base!