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Abyssalite in wrong catergory

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Abyssalite is now under *Miscellaneous* instead off *Raw Minerals* ... so its not useable for Gas- or LiquidPipes

Steps to Reproduce
i run the game normal in german, so i switched to english ... but its the same

User Feedback

As Gwido said, this is not a bug. Klei changed how abyssalite is used in the game. You can no longer build insulated tiles and pipes with abyssalite. Abyssalite is now a late-game ingredient to Insulation produced via the Molecular Forge.

There has been discussion on the forum. Here's one example:


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Ty for the answer ... im from Germany and English Forums are a horror for me. And i had the last 3 month no time to play. So i was confused yesterday when i started a new game :))

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