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A tool tip formatting problem in the jobs screen

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This is Max. His morale is 7. He's just mastered the Groundskeeper job, which requires a morale of 4, but he's also a Courier, which requires 8 morale. So Max is stressed.

Since he just mastered Groundskeeper I de-employed him, in order to use the drop-down there to assign him to another job, which is how I deal with this screen when dupes master jobs.

You can see the result, which is that the tool tip clips off the left edge of the screen.

I cropped this image against the left-edge of the screen.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Go into the jobs screen and assign a dupe who has insufficient morale to "Unemployed". 2. Mouse over the dupe's name. The tool tip box is very wide but and orients itself such that part of it isn't on the screen.

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