4K UI Research Menu Scaling

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Date:  7/12/2019 @ 2210 CST

ASUS PB287Q 4k (3840 * 2160) @ 60Hz

GeForce 970x Windforce display port

ONI preview build LU-351503

I don't know what else you need... just let me know.  This is as far out as I can zoom.



Steps to Reproduce
I don't know... Develop on 4k monitors?

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Same thing happens to me in 4K resolution. Increasing the UI makes the icons bigger, but the icons becomes much bigger than the UI scaling indicates, like 200% will not just double the size.

My guess is that the code (which I haven't looked at this time) will increase the icons/boxes and modify the max zoom out level to allow looking at the same amount of tech tree. However the zoom level is reversed meaning upscaled UI will zoom in instead of out.

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I made a new forum post in recommendations recently and was given a link to this bug submission, so I would like to corroborate this issue here as well. Here is my original post:

"I love we can now use wasd to scroll around the research screen, but for me it is now zoomed in very close even at the furthest I can zoom out with the mouse wheel. I believe this is linked to the UI scaling option in graphics settings. I am displaying the game at 4k resolution and to get a more reasonable view of the research screen I must reduce UI scaling down to about 80%, which then makes the rest of the game's UI too small. I believe increasing the range of zooming on the research screen will fix the problem."

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