231g of bristleberry = 341 kcal??

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When examining the 231g of bristleberry in the foodbox and when mousing over its icon in the consumables sub-window the game claims that it's worth 341 kcal.  However, the colony overview info in the top-left corner of the game window correctly notes that I don't have this ludicrous amount of kcal.


Steps to Reproduce
Look at the bristleberry item in the food box.

User Feedback


@MatthewCline I do not see the issue. When I load your save file, the colony overview in the top-left shows 4,680 kcal = 4,339 kcal of nutrient bar + 341 kcal of bristle berry. Bristle berry is 1600 kcal / 1kg. So 0.231 kg of bristle berry in your foodbox would equal 341 kcal.

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