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0 Learning Skilled Duplicant = Impossible Research

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Dear: Keli Entertainment/Oxygen Not Included Creators

I have updated ONI on Dec 10 and decided to play and make a new game. I sent one of my "Duplicant's" (in game) to research to get further on in the game.

Something frustrating happened, no research was happing after 5 in game "Cycles". I checked there "learning skill" and it was 0 (Zero), tried with other "Duplicant's" and the same thing occurred.


Please Fix


Steps to Reproduce
(I have De-Bug enabled) Made new randomly generated world ( World Seed just in case: 801799564) with no "Sandbox Mode" and started paying like normal

User Feedback

Could you upload a save file? It helps developer further investigating your issue.

Save file is located at \Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files

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Dupes may be unable to perform science. Thats intended behavior. You have to get at least one dupe capable to do research. 

Yes, it may be annoying for you, but its not a bug.

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