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System Data Persistence On Switch Appears To Be Not Working?

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No option for the Switch version, but I guess this should suffice.

Anyway, it appears that when I close the app and re-open it, most of the system data isn't preserved. I still have run data, and I can resume the run that is in progress. My entire compendium is wiped, I no longer have the second character unlocked, my Mettle is gone, my Prestige is gone, and when I resume my game I get the tutorials thrown at me again as if I'm playing for the first time.

Is it perhaps possible that system data is never saved?

Steps to Reproduce

Start the game. Play a while. Exit to the game's main menu so it saves the run data, then close the game from the Switch's main menu. Then open it again.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Hi Dengar,

I'm investigating this issue at the moment and have some questions:

  1. Has this been an issue since your first re-launch of the game?
  2. Since you started seeing this issue:
    1. do new runs persist through a re-launch?
    2. do newly finished/abandoned runs persist in your run history?
    3. do changes to options persist through a re-launch?

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In response to skyjeremy's questions:

  1. This has been an issue since my first re-launch of the game.
  • I am able to save a run in progress, but the option to continue it from the title screen only appeared once. After that I have to go through the Play Griftlands button, pick Sal and then pick the run in progress. Also, I was able to unlock Brawl mode, but it has since vanished along with all other progress.
  • Runs do show in my run history, but they have odd errors. My first run shows that I died on Day 0, and all of the runs have a time stamp that is set in January of 1970 (or maybe 2070 since it only shows 1/24/70).
  • Options do not persist through re-launches. This includes the "This is your first time in battle, would you like a tutorial?" pop up. (Which was amusing as the first time I saw this pop up incorrectly was during Sal's final boss fight on Day 5.)

Perk points and mettle also seem to be gone, and all compendium percentages are at 0%, except for Bosses which is at 6%, but doesn't show anything related to whatever that 6% is.

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It's been reported a dozen times already and the developer has been ignoring us since Monday even though nobody can play this game on the Switch right now. Here's a bigger thread 


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Can people please not use this thread to angrily and pointlessly lash out? "Since monday" it's only been two days. They've said they're looking into it. Let them look into it.

Edited by Dengar

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Hey everyone, sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. Griftlands Update Ver 1.01 for Nintendo Switch (which includes a fix for this issue) is now live. More information about the update here: 


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