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  1. If you really mean that you do not want to offend, maybe consider not accusing people of stealing money. They did communicate that they were looking into it, and they also communicated when they found the solution to the problem.
  2. Repeating yourself pointlessly does not help anyone, you know?
  3. Can people please not use this thread to angrily and pointlessly lash out? "Since monday" it's only been two days. They've said they're looking into it. Let them look into it.
  4. I think I can agree with this at least. I don't think being mean and toxic to the devs is going to help anyone. Not yourself, not the devs, and not other people who just want to see the game in a playable state. But yeah, I do agree that making refunds more accessible might actually incentivize some minimal amount of testing so you know your game actually works.
  5. -Has this been an issue since your first re-launch of the game? Yes. -How many active runs did you have when you began seeing the issue? Just the one. -do new runs persist through a re-launch? I have not started any new runs. -do newly finished/abandoned runs persist in your run history? Well, that's the odd thing. I died once during a run on day 2, and restarted from the beginning of that day. While I didn't think it was strange to see an entry for a failed run, the run states that I died on day 1. -do changes to options persist through a re-launch? I checked, they do not. That's why I think the system data is kept in active memory but never saved to a save file. I have not played the game since, since I deem it pointless. Once you have fixed it I intend to wipe my save data and start completely from scratch. While I'm not angry per se, I find it curious that such a simple to find yet game breaking issue was never found during testing.
  6. I raised this issue as well. But I guess it was still under review. Regardless, there's a +1 from me.
  7. No option for the Switch version, but I guess this should suffice. Anyway, it appears that when I close the app and re-open it, most of the system data isn't preserved. I still have run data, and I can resume the run that is in progress. My entire compendium is wiped, I no longer have the second character unlocked, my Mettle is gone, my Prestige is gone, and when I resume my game I get the tutorials thrown at me again as if I'm playing for the first time. Is it perhaps possible that system data is never saved?