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Progress wipe on all characters on Steam

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I have probably completed the game with evvery character, 3-4 times. And the thing is my Run History shows it, every single run is recorded, and yet there is probably a 30% chance whenever I close the game, whether by save and quiting, or just alt+f4, that all my progress on all characters will be wiped. This game is so fun, and I have 66 hours played despite having all my progress reset several times. There needs to be some fix or some way to address this.

Steps to Reproduce

Play the game, close the game, have all data reset magically.

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User Feedback

Having the same issue. Reading around, it looks like the devs are aware of a Switch-only bug that's causing this, but I'm playing on Steam as well and have had my progress wiped. A few days into my first Smith run. Run history is still present, but can't continue a run and game treats me as though I haven't beaten with Sal and Rook.

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Sorry to hear this has happened to you.  Would anyone be willing to work with me to track down this issue?  I would need some more information, and ideally if we could run some tests that could prove helpful.  Please post here or DM me.  Immediate F8 feedback when you notice an issue is also helpful.

If this has happened to you on PC, it is probably unrelated to the issue that affected the Switch port.  The run history is saved to a different file from the profile unlocks, so that at least narrows down the issue.


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