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Log file not writing correctly

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The log file ( ~/local/share/Klei/Griftlands/steam-76561198118398208/log.txt ) does not appear to be getting written correctly. I've had some crashes and the logs cut off at a point well before the crash. Just now i went into game and checked the log while the game is running, it cuts off well before the point the game is actually at. After performing some actions, eventually a big chunk was written.

Perhaps it's not actually writing the log to the file as it's generated, but holding it in a buffer somewhere and flushing it only occasionally?

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Enter game on the Linux version (i assume this doesn't apply to the others as it makes the log file pretty useless).
  2. Do something.
  3. Verify that the log file is only updating sporadically.

User Feedback

Without going too deep into the details, basically the logs will flush -most- of the time when an error occurs, but in your case, a seg fault is happening in a manner that doesn't give the logs a chance to write. I'll follow up on that other bug report, but if it's what I think it is, the logs wouldn't be particularly helpful in this case.

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