[ Experimental Build ] My PC freezes up

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When I use the quit to main menu option, the game freezes, along with my computer, every time after I play the game for a while. (Happens after I click the "yes" button)

Here is my save folder. The log, profile, and stat are filled with "null"

Edit: forget to say that the save cannot be read, so the progress is lost. And the client_log_1 is a dxdiag that I apparently uploaded to a wrong section.:wilson_wink:

Griftland save.zip

Steps to Reproduce
Basically, play to the morning of the third day, then pause, chose quit to main menu, click yes.

User Feedback

Alright, it's a probably a Windows Defender Bug. When it starts auto scanning, the software just uses up all CPU, crashing the PC.

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