Picked Grass still shown as unpicked Grass

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Sometimes, the picked grass still looks like the untouched grass i can pick. But i am not able to pick it again. Also the character says something referring to picked grass, when i examine it.

When went 2 islands further away and about 2 ingame days later came bag again, it looked like normal picked grass. 

Happend twice in one hour of playing, at about day 25.

Steps to Reproduce
pick gras

User Feedback


I've noticed this as well, and also with twig saplings. It seems to happen when there is strong wind. The stuck grass/twigs looked like they were in the middle of a swaying-in-the-wind animation. Perhaps picking them at just the right time during that animation causes it to get stuck on that one frame, but just for appearance. Maybe the wind "harvesting" them on that exact frame can cause the visual glitch as well.

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