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weird controler issue in hamlet enabled worlds.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So I started a new ROG world and enabled hamlet compatibility and now my controler is behaving weird in game. it's not unplayable but it's quire frustrating.  When ever i try to use the directional pad on my xbox 360 controler it does something on the construction menu on the side of the screen instead of or in addition to whatever i was trying to do in the inventory menu. I think the problem is that the game isn't allowing me to tell it that I'm using a controller but is still allowing me to use the controller for some reason? I don't quite know hoe to describe exactly what's happening so I captured a video clip to demonstrate what I'm talking about. (The issue shoes up about 28 seconds in to the video before that I'm making sure my recording program is working)  I don't know what I did to make this bug turn up all I did was start a new game in a hamlet comparable world and the game started acting like it was trying to detect the controller as being both a controller and a mouse at the same time.  Unplugging my mouse and disabling my laptop's touch pad fixes the problem but until now that has never been necessary.

Don't Starve 2020-01-31 15-41-23.mp4

Steps to Reproduce
start a new world (I used ROG but it may work with any world) have hamlet enabled (Just useing a hamlet world may produce the same result) have both a controller (I used xbox 360 but any compatible controller may work) and a mouse plugged into the computer being used. the bug will just happen on it's own from there

User Feedback

Video: "Hamlet early access - beta branch - in development."

Welcome, time traveler. You're running a very old version, methinks. Please update the game.

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