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  1. So I started a new ROG world and enabled hamlet compatibility and now my controler is behaving weird in game. it's not unplayable but it's quire frustrating. When ever i try to use the directional pad on my xbox 360 controler it does something on the construction menu on the side of the screen instead of or in addition to whatever i was trying to do in the inventory menu. I think the problem is that the game isn't allowing me to tell it that I'm using a controller but is still allowing me to use the controller for some reason? I don't quite know hoe to describe exactly what's happening so I captured a video clip to demonstrate what I'm talking about. (The issue shoes up about 28 seconds in to the video before that I'm making sure my recording program is working) I don't know what I did to make this bug turn up all I did was start a new game in a hamlet comparable world and the game started acting like it was trying to detect the controller as being both a controller and a mouse at the same time. Unplugging my mouse and disabling my laptop's touch pad fixes the problem but until now that has never been necessary. Don't Starve 2020-01-31 15-41-23.mp4
  2. I've seen that. When the snakes from the cut down vine bush start to re-spawn (which does not take long), and a snake comes out the bush will appear as if it had not been cut down at all. I've watched the bushes pop back into existence after cutting one down during the day then at dusk I happened to make camp next to that bush a snake spawned from it and the bush appeared to be un-cut despite having not actually grown back yet. This could be an intentional thing because it would look silly for a snake to spawn from a cut down bush.
  3. I played a world with custom world settings and everything went fine and I had a good run so when I died I wanted to play with those settings again so I set my custom settings again and this time saved the preset, however when I started the world using the saved preset settings I spawned with an island and ocean covered in snow, the snow quickly melted, and everything was briefly normal. However I saw a bunch of withered grass, I thought that was weird so I went to see if there was a set piece or something that was causing it. I started overheating. I moved away from the withered grass and I continued to overheat. I only cooled down when I stopped under a tree. I allowed myself to die then tried again with the same preset and the same thing happened. I tried again with the same preset only to have the same result. I decided to try again and see if it was the settings I used I saved several custom world settings with different alterations on each the only thing that produced a world where the seasons seemed to work normally was changing the start season to anything but the mild season, or saving a custom preset that is the default setting. I tried several different configurations and several different characters, both with and without my game pad. Taking screenshots of various stages of the bug as I tried several different things to gain as much information as I could. I pasted the screenshots and pasted them into the attached word document. This doesn't seem to occur when the changed settings are not saved. Don't Starve Seasons Bug..docx