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Willow bugs?

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


Spoilers due to how large they are, sorry if it's a bother.

When Willow uses the One Man Band, her right eye loses it's "eye bag" and when facing sideways, she loses her pigtails.
This might actually occur to all the girls with pigtails, so I'll do some testing, but I just noticed this here.

EDIT: I guess I'll change this to Willow bugs. Added new picture with her eye missing the bag again, but on a boat.

Steps to Reproduce
Equip One Man Band as Willow, hold still, or move to the sides. Ride a boat with any equipment that allows her to use her hands.

User Feedback

I posted Willow's missing eyebag on the boat in the SW bug forum. How clever you found this with the 1 man band!

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