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weird black line in the fog

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

hello! i saw this on the edge of an island and im not sure what it is. it doesnt appear on the map as anything. ive traced it all the way around the island to see where it goes and it seems to branch away. maybe it's a part of another island that hasnt loaded correctly? it's cool either way!

just for reference, the island im on is where the aporkalypse calendar is. i dunno if that makes a difference or not, but i feel like it's worth mentioning. thank you, i hope this helps!




Steps to Reproduce
im not sure.

User Feedback

Thanks for the report.

It's a known issue, and should be fixed at some point, but other issues have taken priority - it's a side effect of some behind the scenes stuff going on - it shouldn't be visible, but it shouldn't impact your game in any negative way.

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